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Who Walks in Flame – 4 (final)

Who Walks in Flame – 4 (final)

About this series

An air-pistol-wielding priestess battles a sorcerous witch-king and a giant, flaming monster in this this sword & sorcery short story of truly epic proportions.

Millennia have passed since the witch-king Khuar-na last threatened the world of men. Now returned, he and his fiery behemoth have scorched the fertile fields of the West to desert waste. Only the Kings of the East can stand against him, and only if Bregissa the Skald can successfully lead them with her secret, stolen power

On the Sacred Isle of Antenin, the shockwave of flames blasts the oak. But what is already burned by divine fire cannot be burned again, even by the otherworldly magic of Khuar-na. Instead of destroying what was left of the tree, the flames restore it to life.

New shoots spring out. Buds form and then flower. And as the heat recedes, a human embryo nurtured by the oak begins to grow rapidly and split once, twice, a half-dozen times.

The blast also strikes the two, mysterious clay pillars, and by the power of a voice carried on the shockwave, the flames reshape them. There stands there now two beings of clay: a man and a woman who once frequented this place. Guardians for the tree and the embryos, parents for the children soon to be born.

A hand moves. A mother smiles. One day the children of her children will fill the land and see the desert turn green once more.

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